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8mm - Tungsten Wedding Band, Dark Antler Inlay Ring Polished Beveled Edges



Tungsten Carbide Ring
Real Antler
Width: 8mm
Cobalt-Free: YES
Deer Antler Inlay
Fit: Comfort Fit
High Polish: YES
Shape: Pipe cut
*Free Engraving : Max 30 Characters including symbols (heart, cross, infinity etc..)
Free Ring Box
All sizes available: 5-15 with 1/2 sizes


Tungsten Carbide Rings are said to be classier, stylish and most important thing is the strength of the rings. As the metal is 10 times harder than gold, its amazing properties are loved by all and provides people with great strength when it is being shaped like rings. These rings will never bend or distort with time and force like any of the other metals that you choose for your rings.

The durability of these rings is the best as they feature a combination of bending, scratching and tarnishing resistance. They are said to be better from any other metal because of the Durability of these rings and tungsten is the perfect match for wedding rings. As your marriage is one of the most personal bonds and a huge social event, therefore these never-diminishing bond rings can give a great significance to your relation.


Hunters and nature enthusiasts, this is the ring for you!
For those who enjoy nature, the cabin life, and deer hunting, what better wedding ring to wear than one made from real antler? They want something durable, laid back, and something that will tell the world of their love for the outdoors.  hunters, especially, don’t generally want to wear a ring that is sparkly, shiny, or flashy while they’re trying to catch the big buck in the tree stand. That’s why we proudly make wedding bands for both men and women that incorporate antler.

FAWN from Thorsten Media on Vimeo.